Stuffed Brinjals with Parupu Usilli

February 5, 2023

This is my kind of lunch bowl – aromatic jeeragasamba rice, a tangy and spicy morkuzhambu topped with parupu usilli stuffed brinjals. In this post, I share how to stuff brinjals with this spicy and delicious mixture and cook them to perfection. You can vary the vegetable and use the same stuffing to make varied dishes!

To make these stuffed brinjals, you will need a batch of parupusilli. I have a foolproof recipe on the blog for it where i share how to make it easily, make in small batches, how to store and freeze. It is a useful ‘meal prep’ to have on hand when you are looking for a elaborate meal to be put together in no time!

Click here for my recipe for a foolproof parupu usilli

Making stuffed brinjals

Make a batch of parupusilli as per the instrucions above and keep aside. To stuff the brinjals, slit in the brinjals from bottom until half way through in a criss cross fashion. Ensure it is not fully cut all the way through.

Stuffed Brinjals with Parupu Usilli

tiny brinjals stuffed to perfection with a spiced lentil mixture, parupu usilli. these brinjals are a show stopper and ideal to serve with any rice dish.
Prep Time 20 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes


  • 12 tiny brinjals
  • 2 cups parupusilli mixture recipe link above
  • 2 tbsp oil
  • 2 tbsp water
  • curry leaves


  • Make a batch of parupusilli.
  • SLit the brinjals in a criss cross manner, either top to bottom or bottom to top. Ensure it is not cut all the way through.
  • To a bowl, add the parupusilli mixture with 2 tbsp water and 1 tbsp oil and make a slurry. Add a little salt to the mixture.
  • Stuff this mix into the brinjals.
  • Arrange the brinjals in a steamer vessel. I used idli plates and steam for 5-6 minutes. This process helps to cook the outside of the brinjals well. It also helps to reduce the oil used in cooking the curry.
  • To a pan, add 2 tbsp oil and arrange the brinjals. Stir around minimially until all the sides are browned. IT will take 10-15 minutes on a low flame.
  • Garnish with fresh curry leaves.

I know brinjals get a lot of hate in this world. It seems unfair because they are truly one of my favourites. In my limited collection of recipes on this blog, this is one of the most oft-repeated vegetables. If you are skeptic to trying this vegetable – I invite you to try one of these other brinjal recipes from my blog.

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Want more vegetable recipes? Pair these stuffed brinjals with morkuzhambu and enjoy!

Please leave a comment below if you made this recipe, have any questions or thoughts! Your comment will help me learn more about your preferences and will help other readers.

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